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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Records Management: The inevitable changes!

Dear all,

Some organization have been in operation for quite sometimes, some are in fact just newly operated. The former organizations have ready in place the workflow, work processes, work culture and organizational culture. When it comes to records management, somehow or rather, someone realizes, something needs to be done. Records management may come like a 'tsunami' to the organization. It may be due to some glitches or problem or as a result of audit exercises taking place, the real problems now surfaced. One of the reasons may be due to improper record keeping practices. The operation is now suspended, some solutions need to be installed. Awareness begins to strike in.

Now, the management realizes that proper record keeping is needed direly. At that moment, a lot of sparks occur which resulted from the impact brought forward by the problem. The records are everywhere. The file room is full of records, accessing and searching the records has taken longer time than before. Staffs are not sure of anymore. Previously, everything seems all right. Now, it has become here wired. Mess and stack of files are all around. What to do?

The organization is facing more efforts to manage their files while keeping the operation back to normal. A lot of time is taken up just to manage the records. Business is beginning to slow down as operation cannot be expedited when information and records flows come to a glitch.

This is the scenario when early in the beginning records are not properly managed, workflow and work process that hamper records and filing of documents properly and then something happen that trigger the whole 'tsunami'. It could be legal summons that the organization is facing, unattended complaints by customers, late orders fulfillment, longer respond times, lost of stocks and failure of tracing delivery to customers and etc.

Now, in order to ensure operations back to normal, more time is wasted, more efforts are needed, more staffs are asked to manage the records and information in organization. This could have not happened if the records management and record keeping practices are set properly in the early stage of operation. The filing system is ready, the classification and numbering are properly arrange and from time to time, appraisal and disposal of records are done. And most importantly, the staff are well trained and well exposed to proper records keeping practices, understand very well of the principles and practices of records management.

Changes is here......! It is now time for is  now time to equipped the staffs with records management skills and practices! Embrace changes and go for records management training. Understand the training needs analysis (TNA) for records management!