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Monday, August 13, 2012

Records Management is slow to take off!

Dear all...

Why records management is so slow to take off in your organization?
Why it is alienated all the times?
Why it is considered not primary undertakings?
Why it is ignored by other staffs in your organization?
Why you feel like having a solo journey in the records world?


suddenly, out of nowhere, when things cropped up, you receive the limelight, all the attention needed all these feel a huge joy but that is not the end of the road for you....

Suddenly you have huge tasks, huge responsibility and everybody hope and relies on you, your immediate colleagues, office mates, your superiors, your bosses, and your top management board...all are eyeing on you! Just because one single case cropped out of nowhere and now you are the center of everything. Your skills and expertise in deploying proper records management in your organization is highly sought after!....

Now you are....about to take off, which previously was hardly to do so!