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Thursday, December 27, 2012

When you need it!

Salam ukhuwwah and dear all!

Change is definitely slow to take off unless something drastic occurs. Organization tends to response slowly to change when the need, requirement, and direction is not coincided. The valuable staffs also slow to response if the leadership is unclear of where to bring records management in organization. On the other side, when leadership is ready, the staffs may also be slow to embrace the new directions and changes when understanding, misinformation occur, working culture and attitude do not change.

These are among the reasons why records management is not given due considerations in many agencies, be it government and private agencies. What do you think??

Suddenly, there are occasions when non records management professionals or anybody who are not well trained in records management becomes the person in charge of the records management affairs. It is not a problem for anybody to handle and manage records management program in organization but he or she must be well equipped with the knowledge and skills at the same time have the flair to manage records. Problem crops out when records management is handled in silo not in totality, while the approach is not integrated. This is where critical point arrive! When you need it, it is not there, when you don't need it, it is everywhere. This is not good records management practices.

It is high time that companies, organizations, agencies engage professionals in records management or employ staffs having background in records management to manage their records. And the so called professionals or people of records management background must be ready, well understand the know how and the technicalities of records management and other associated skills and knowledge, as well as the demand and expectations from industries!