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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Selling your records...

Dear all.......

Do we sell our records?

Can we sell our records?

Is it allowable?

What are the implication if records are sold?

As a matter of fact, by law, we cannot sell our records but we can sell the records services, the lesson learnt and the story that is derived from the records once the records become archive  whilst it is already declassified.

Records is evidence of transaction, occurred in the course of business transactions in an organization (govt or private organization) and may contain valuable information which LATER is a history of a nation and country's development. Such connotes why records is not allowed to be sold.

How do we sell records?

We don't sell records at all. We can sell off records (papers for recycle) if they are considered "Disposed off permanently" and it requires thorough evaluation and verification prior to that. What we do commonly is selling the STORY derived from the records. The process is done by selling books and stories which authors refer to (archive)-records available at National Archive. This is done specifically to write the historical development of a country, organization, person and events by referring to primary sources of material - ARCHIVES (records). Without evidence and proof of an event, story could not be verified and information could not be told and written.

"As a matter of fact, we do not sell records, we sell the story out of them"