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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Records is an "Internet of things"....

Dear all...

Image result for internet of things imagesI had had a very lightly and meaningful conversation and discussion with my a good friend of mine today. Rarely did he so energize in giving details and pointing out his argument however this afternoon was a lot different. We talked about a lot of things and issues pertaining to records.

"We have a lot to consume when it comes to information today....more than before did we immense ourselves in abundance of information and data" he said. 'In fact, our intelligence is challenged so much than before to absorb and filter so much information...." he further said.

"I is internet of things" I nodded.

" is internet of things....a dynamic nature of constant data creation and data collection 24 hours and 365 days.....we cannot simply ignore it. Just imagine a scientist or so called a bio-marine expert, would like to study the extinction of green turtle in the ocean of understand the life of the green turtle, the scientist must collect enough information which is derived from a lot of data from different channels and sources, up to the extent that the scientist must be able to track the movement on the migration activities of the turtle in order to understand the life of a green turtle. Otherwise, the scientist would not be able to understand the life environment of the green turtle." he explained to me.

"To do so, the scientist must use current technologies to help in collecting the much so a satellite and GPS based tracking system must be attached to the green turtle as subject of that, the data movement of the green turtle, location of its hunting or eating supply of its food, location of ocean, the temperature of the ocean, time and space by which it is moving from one place to another could be derived......these data are collected and feed to the database on daily is huge amount of data and it is kept in the repository of database. Later on, the scientist will need to analyze the data, prepare a report and summary of the data. To do so, the data must be categorized, classified and analyzed accordingly." he further explained to me.

" are talking about a subject or a particular specied (marine species now in the realm of extinction) and how massive is the data collected throughout a specific time for the purpose of the research so that certain conclusion could be made huh! Later on, based on that findings would be derived from there" I responded to him.

" got my point" he responded.

"The data you were mentioning just now is raw data.....then when it is categorized and classified it becomes information, the report as a result of the analysis made is now a record?" I said to him.

"Not only that...the collected data is big data, the analysis made to the data is already a record......where during the years of collecting that, it has created a lot of and massive information which is now becomes a records...the information in its single form is kept in a document whether it is soft copy or printed copy.....finally the records is used and referred to by other scientist for maybe some other research or purposes." He further explained to me.

"So tell me, if you have the data, but there is no analysis, no classification and categorization to the you think normal people like us will understand that data?" he asked me.

"Of course I don't understand because the data needs analysis from the expert in the field....not me. I am not the expert to gauge conclusion from the data. I could only understand the report derived from the data." I said to him.

"Then, the whole things I am saying is about internet of things - massive data collected in one kind of field - in this case is bio marine research on the life of green turtle which is about to extinct to day - and it is closely related to records management." he reiterated again.

"I do understand....." I said calmly.


Image result for internet of things imagesThe above statements are part of the conversation between me and my friends when somebody mentions that "the trend today is on document management system not records management".

The conversation is the analogy and explanation towards the importance of records in relation to internet of things-big data, dynamic and consistent data derived for various purposes.

to be continued.........