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Friday, February 24, 2012

Benefits from digital preservation of research data

Direct Benefits

-New research opportunities

-Scholarly communication/access to data

-Re-purposing and re-use of data

-Increasing research productivity

-Stimulating new networks/collaborations

-Knowledge transfer to industry

- Increasing skills base of researchers/students/staff

-Increasing productivity/economic growth

-Verification of research/research integrity

-Fulfilling mandate(s)

Indirect Benefits

-No re-creation of data

-No loss of future research opportunities

-Lower future preservation costs

-Re-purposing data for new audiences

-Re-purposing methodologies

-Use by new audiences

-Protecting returns on earlier investments

Near-Term Benefits

-Value to current researcher & students

-No data lost from Post Doc turnover

-Short-term re-use of well curated data

-Secure storage for data intensive research

-Availability of data underpinning journal articles

Long Term Benefits

-Secures value to future researchers & students

-Adds value over time as collection grows and develops critical mass

-Planned management from an early stage in the research lifecycle is ultimately more cost-effective than late intervention (providing proper selection of what to keep is done)

Private Benefits

-Benefits to sponsor/funder of research/archive

-Benefits to researcher

-Fulfil grant obligations

-Increased visibility/citation

-Commercialising research

Public Benefits

-Input for future research

-Motivating new research

-Catalysing new companies and high skills employment