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Monday, June 6, 2011

observe and evaluate 2....!!!

Assalam all...

When the form is designed in such a way, by which customer have to fill up a lot of information, it will surely result in the longer time taken for officer to make a data entry into the system....this will slow down the process.

I do agree for the first timer customer, that should be okay! Otherwise necessary information would not be able to be detected in the system. However, for returning customer or existing customer to repeat the same process, whenever they come and seek for services in an agency, it is in fact ridiculous in the context of fast moving business transactions in today's environment.

Why should they fill up the same information as they did previously? Can their details be traced using the same reference no or customer ID?

What happen to the information system employed by the agency? Can't the system provide necessary tracing back of customer details to expedite the processes and make customer happy? If the system cannot do so...why in the first place that the agency engaged with the system?

A business re engineering is desperately needed in such cases!!