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Sunday, June 5, 2011

observe and evaluate...!!

Dear all...

I used to give this example during records management classes...

If the counter service is slow.........

it is always indications for whatever reasons as follow:

.....they are creating a lot of info and thus a lot of records!
.....they are making a lot of inputs into the system....repeatedly over time!
.....their forms are not systematically created to expedite process!
.....their information system be it database or not fully integrated!one number or one reference solve it all concept is not used!

hence:....waiting time is higher....customer satisfaction is low....and the counter service is not people's friendly or customer friendly....!!!

You have all the system, all the ICT experts on earth.....why aren't you improve things!!!....if you cannot find out one in the organization, employ a new one, or outsource one....why are these people are not doing this immediately?? I do not understand!!!