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Friday, April 13, 2012

Love records!

Dear all..

It comes across in my late discussion with my colleague with regard to the current trend and issues of records management Malaysia with Mr. Irwan Abd Kadir that a good record officer or archivist, in whatever level they are; managerial, operational, executive level, must have some sense of or love for history as this would really help them in their thinking and thought which would shape their perception and opinion on the value of records they are holding or managing in their organization.

A good historical background or love for history at whatever level commands a good sense of judging the value of records, keeping interest alive on the records and value of records to organization. It also helps in the culmination of job satisfaction at high level towards records related jobs. Otherwise, one feels demotivated in dealing with records after sometimes. This is one of the factor that ties up oneself with his current job in records related scope.

Similarly, the same goes to teaching, if one teaches just for the sake of getting a job or securing a job, getting monthly the long run one would not last longer as compared to one who loves teaching and coaching others in the dissemination of knowledge. One who have 'flair' of teaching would have an added advantage in which he or she would be able to deliver the subject matter efficiently and effectively to his/her students....the same case also can be referred to the records related jobs. If there is no interest, no deep interest in the heart and love for records, one surely would not last longer in the job! Employer must be able to seek and identify such talents in their prospective employees before employing their candidates to records related jobs.

Best of luck records professionals! Love what your are doing would surely be better later!