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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Key issues to consider when implementing ERMS!

Remember that ERMS is different from far as National Archive Act of Malaysia is concerned.....

Key Issues to Consider

You should consider your operational and records management requirements, including the legal framework you operate in as a government agency, as well as your desired product features and agency-specific workflow in order to select an appropriate EDMS. To help with these decisions, form a team that includes representatives from your agency’s upper management, information technology group, records management team, and legal department as well as users and content creators.
Use the questions below to consider whether to pursue an EDMS, as well as how to select a vendor. Take a long-term approach in discussing these questions. Consider the types of documents and records you create now and which types you may create in the future. Remember to think of your records as needing to be managed along a continuum, rather than in discrete stages.

What are our current and future needs? What are the current and future needs of all involved stakeholders?

Do we want to use the EDMS just for workflow management or do we want to use it for records management as well?

Which records do we want to capture and manage using our EDMS? Will back-file records be included? Review general and agency specific retention schedules and dispose of documents the agency is not required to retain.
Which formats do we use now and which formats are we likely to use in the future?
What metadata do we need to include? Who will manage it?
How does the legal framework affect our discussion and decision? Think about how document acceptability issues affect future interaction with the legal community.
How do we use records now? How will we use records in the future? What records do we need to share and store?
Are the records are adequately organized and indexed to facilitate retrieval? Ensure that the records are filed properly and correct all mis-filings before system implementation.
How do our records fit into our current workflow? How may we need to modify our workflow to accommodate an EDMS? At which points in our workflow do we need to capture records? Consider how automation adds value to your current process.
How will we dispose of records in the EDMS? Will the system enable us to transfer, convert, and/or migrate records easily?
What are the roles and responsibilities of groups and individuals in terms of electronic records management?
What features are essential to us in a document management system? What features might be the most useful, but nonessential, elements of a document management system? What is our budget?
How will we mesh a new system with systems currently in place (e.g., e-mail systems, databases, word processing systems)?