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Sunday, September 14, 2014

All are related to policies, standard operating procedure/practices and records keeping practices.........

Dear all...

Like it or not, the issue indicates strong concern over the records keeping practices.

The leak is either related to or due to improper record keeping virtue of lack in proper policies, standard operating procedures and other records related malpractices....

Damage has been done, the impact is greater, thousands of students are affected by this emotionally, physically.......time and resources are wasted! Organization in charged of it, faces public scrutiny and reputation is damaged by just only this case! 

Blaming each other for this is not going to solve the problem. Hence, please stop blaming each other, instead of it, moving forward is the best policy as such finding concrete solutions to avoid the recurrence of it is the best thing to happen.

As a matter of fact, human factor is the biggest culprit for this issue, thus, the solutions must address the human factor combined with proper standard operating procedure and record keeping practices that keep the highest concern for possible future leak. 

Indeed....It is an interesting issue to be discussed from records management point of view!

What say you??